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$129   The Most Popular and Recommended Upgrade!!!
When bands say that they include lights it's usually one little mirror ball or vertigo but our CLASS ACT LIGHTING PACKAGE includes: Stage Lighting facing the Band and pulsating to the beat - PLUS "Martin Professional" (brand) Club-Style Dance Floor / Cieling lights which flash and move to the beat, adding energy and motion to the dance floor.
$150 *    Check out the wedding theme designs!!!
10 Disposable cameras will be brought to your event and placed on each table. Choose plain white or from the wedding designs below and during your party, the performers will encourage guests to take candid photos. Toward the end of the evening, the cameras will be collected by "The Class Act" and presented to you. You will be responsible for developing and you can expect to get up to 270 prints of your event taken by your guests. Additional cameras available at $15.00 each. *developing not included


$129+ for parties with over 200-300 guests
Rest assured The Class Act's (2000 Watt) sound system is sufficient enough to fill your wedding reception with heart pounding, pulsating "bassy" sound just like a dance-club for parties of up to 200 guests. Conversely, if your party is generally quieter and that big "bassy" sound is not necessary or desired by you then our system will cover up to 300 guests with no problem. In the latter case the sound near the band and the dance floor will still be "bassy" just not as "bassy" way in the back of the venue.

We suggest this upgrade ONLY for very large parties of 200-2000 guests in outdoor or very large venues where more power and speakers are required / desired in order to maintain the dance-club volume / presence levels around the entire venue. Prices starts at $129 for an extra sub and 2 additional speakers, but will obviously vary depending on how much additional power and speakers are required.

$300* additional Karaoke DJ and Laser Karaoke Player
In addition to The Class Act performing, a Karaoke DJ (add $300) We will encourage your guests to showcase their talents by singing along to well-known songs from the 40s to the 90s. Over 5000 available Songs with Lyrics are projected on a video monitor and your guests voices mix with prerecorded soundtracks to create a unique party experience using the latest in laser technology.   *$300 includes an extra performer and additional equipment beside The Class Act's performance.

For a Karaoke Party ONLY without including The Class Act Performance please call for a price quote.



If there is something special you are looking for but do not see here
contact Dan @ 732.888.7569 (9AM - 2PM Daily)


* Inflatable Items

(122 Items) 
  • 50 Hawaiian Leis
        or Mardi Gras Beads
  • 12 Maracas
  • 12 Guitars*
  • 12 Saxophones*
  • 12 Sombreros
  • 24 Black Sunglasses


(222 Items)
  • 100 Hawaiian Leis
        or Mardi Gras Beads
  • 12 Maracas
  • 12 Guitars*
  • 12 Saxophones*
  • 12 Sombreros
  • 24 Black Sunglasses
  • 50 Glow Bracelets
Al La Carte

12 4 Glow Stix ........... $24
50 Glow Necklace ........ $89
50 Glow Bracelets ....... $60
12 Guitars* ................. $18
12 Saxophones*........... $16
12 Microphones ........... $10
12 Pair Maracas ........... $21
12 Sombreros .............. $35
12 Cowboy Hats ........... $30
12 Bandanas ................ $16
50 Mardi Gras Beads ..... $20
12 Sunglasses Neon ...... $15
12 Hawaiian Hula Skirts. $65
50 Hawaiian Leis .......... $15

Theme Party Gear   * Inflatable Items

(66 Items)  $73
  • 24 Black Sunglasses
  • 12 Pair of Maracas
  • Saxaphones*
  • Microphones*
  • Guitars*
(42 Items)   $69


  • 12 Cowboy Hats
  • 12 Bandanas
  • 12 Guitars*
  • 6 Microphones*
(154 Items)   $175
  • Hula Skirts
  • 100 Hawaiian Leis
  • 24 Sunglasses
  • 6 Coconut Bras
  • 12 Pair of Maracas

Average Overtime per half hour per professional $75

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