There is no need to look for a bigger entertainment package! 2HotCats brings it ALL! Live Entertainment and DJ Mixes too . . .


We are a Night Club Show/Dance band, known for great renditions of Sinatra, Billy Joel, Tony Bennett, Elton John, Rock & Roll Oldies, 70s, 80s, disco, Latin dance tunes, R&B ballads and more!

Danny Heise and Mikey "Cats" Catapano have been together for more then 20 Years. Every age group from children to elders will be entertained and delighted by the talents of these two seasoned entertainers, plus Party DJ'ing for the hip dancing audience. In other words, you get the best of both entertainment worlds. Great live music and pumping rock-the-house dance mixes plus the interactivity from Dan as Master of Ceremonies that gets the house on their feet and moving.

The NON-STOP LIVE Band and DJ concept is a great recipe for Party-Hardy, show-stopping, heart pumping fun for today's variety of musical tastes. The bride (or any party planning host or hostess) should always choose a good variety of music, which everyone will enjoy. Live music "MAKES the Party." It offers real talent and performance with off-the-cuff announcements and customized events that are planned to make each and every affair unique. There's also the sound of the snare drum snapping in the air and harmonizing voices. Picture yourself 10, 20, 30 Years down the road from now and not being able to show your wedding videos to your kids or Grandkids because the music chosen by the DJ was basically XXX Rated. Danny and Mikey are family-sensitive performers and offer wide variety of tunes for everyone. It's a great mix for your family and friends to appreciate on the videos down the road.

Band BIO

Danny Heise


Danny Heise - Danny Heise - Winner of the Yamaha International Keyboard Festival 2 Years in a row will astound you with his orchestration techniques on Keyboards and Lead Vocal. Everyone who hears him says basically the same thing "Where does all that 'BIG MUSIC SOUND' and that 'BIG VOICE' come from." Well, State-Of-The-Art Keyboard and Sound equipment definitely makes a big difference but Danny just simply has "some" talent. The kind of talent that makes most people say, "What is he doing here," "he should be selling platinum or starring on TV or something."

He is considered to be Jersey's Premier Society Entertainer. Known for his talent at changing his voice to meet the style, Danny's specialties include songs from Sinatra, Billy Joel, Englebert Humperdink, Ray Charles, Springsteen, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and much more. Danny's dynamic voice, vast variety of styles, Plus DJ Dance Mixes makes Danny one of the most unique solo Party Performers today but together with Mikey you'll see what they mean by the sum of two (talented) parts is greater together.

Mikey "Cats" Catapano



Mikey "Cats" Catapano - One of New Jersey's most highly respected percussionists, has outdone his rhythmic feats time and time again in many shows and competitions. Mikey has performed all over the USA with numerous "Comedy/Show Groups" like Sidewalk Symphony, Chang Lee and the Zany Acts with Toby Soprano but of course, his most prestigious and famous roll was as Singer and Percussionist, for over 12 Years, with the world renowned DUPREES. His 6 Part Vocal Harmony arrangements and rhythmic talents made him an invaluable asset to the group. And so it does for the Class Act as he teams up with Danny to delight and entertainer you. Mikey makes the Class Act Complete by bringing the REAL-LIVE Sound to the group.


Check out our Music Menus or listen to our music samples to get a feel for our performance style. We are truly seasoned entertainers in both performance and DJ'ing.