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"Mala Femina"

even if you are not Italian this treasured classic about a man who believes his woman is going to break his heart is sure to put everyone in a romantic mood as Danny sings in both English & Italian

Woman, you are an evil Woman, my darling how I love you
I'm yours and yours along.
I cannot live without you, I want you for my own
Your face is like an angel but evil lurks inside
I know someday you'll leave me, It's not my fault I've tried.

Woman, you are and evil Woman - I love you so my darling
I've loved you from the start
Woman, you're such and evil Woman
You're cruel and domineering and poison to my heart
Woman, don't be an evil Woman
Be warm and kind and gentle and come into my arms
Woman, don't be and evil Woman
Please don't you make me cry for I love you till I die.

These lines are also sung in Italian